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Category: Photo & Video
Released: 12 Jun 2015
Published: 28 Feb 2023
Latest version: 2.6.10
Size: 488.39 MB
Seller: Tristan Zand

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English, French

14.0 or later
DarkCam Inconspicuous Camera
DarkCam is an inconspicuous camera. It is a simple minimalistic app to take pictures in low light environments. DarkCam's low light profile darkens and dampens the screen to your liking.

You can now activate filters that will combine the various parameters of the unique film and sensor simulations as well as creative filters inherited from the Camare Creative Camera app too.

Thanks to your smartphone's screen, taking pictures at concerts, plays, ... often puts you under the spotlight. With DarkCam you are no longer the center of everyone's attention.

The interface is simple with a unique dual trigger-bar and a rapid one-touch full-luminosity preview function to see the real thing briefly and at all times. Dampening and luminosity are readily modifiable at all times (for fast adaptation), and redundant functions are out of the way.

The other spectators will surely thank you for using the app.

screenshot photo credits - http://zand.net

What's new in Version 2.6.10
- new insaturator / creative filter "Karbad Bob"
- slide filter button up/down for filmulator choice, left/right for insaturator choice
- slide frameskin button up-left/down-right for frameskin choice
- haptic feedback on sliders
- corrected luminosity bug on filter indicators
- various bug and minor enhancements


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