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Category: Health & Fitness
Released: 12 Feb 2016
Published: 25 Nov 2022
Latest version: 3.3
Size: 139.17 MB
Seller: Ertan Eksi

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8.1 or later
Sleeping Sounds, Relax & Sleep
The most advanced Sleep Helper on the App Store. With this app you'll relax and fall into a peaceful deep sleep. Getting a good night’s sleep is one of the most important things you can do. It can improve your health, lower your stress, and make you more productive at work.
Works without Internet connection and also in Lock Screen.

According to the National Sleep Foundation, getting enough sleep is directly connected to better health. So we know it's important to get a good night's rest.
White noise has been shown to not only help people fall asleep more quickly, but also it can disguise other noises that may wake you during the night.
Repetitive or ambient music is very good for falling asleep. What's especially important is that there be no dramatic shifts in the dynamics of the music.

How it works:
• Select sounds and combine them to create a mix
• Adjust the volume of each sound individually
• Set the timer
• Lay back and relax

• 150 High Quality Relaxing Sound & Music Loops to Choose and Mix
• 14 Ambient Sounds
• 11 Isochronic Brainwaves
• 19 Presets
• Thousands of combinations for sound mixes
• Individual volume adjustment to Unlimited Mixing Option
• Save Your Mixes
• Timer feature to set a duration when you go to sleep
• Sleeping Tips
• App runs in the background and while screen is locked
• AirPlay Supported
• Works without internet connection.

Want new sounds ? Write a review and let us know.

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Loops: Rain, Lightrain, Heavyrain, Rainydrive, Stormy, Lightning, Umbrella, Waterfall,Wind, Cavern, Night, Leaves, Deepwater, Scuba, Ocean, Swim, Lake, Whalesa, Whalesb, Whalesc, Riverside, Pool, Boiling, Fountain, Seagulls, Frog, Birds , Catpurr, Horsea, Horseb, Cicadas, Farm, Jazza, Jazzb, Jazzc, Flute, Musicboxa, Musicboxb, Guitara, Classic, Caxixi, Kalimba, Bamboo, Bella, Pianob, Pianoa, Pianoc, Pianod, Congaa, Congab, Zenflutea, Zenfluteb, Operaa, Indiana, Chanta, Choira, Zen, Chillout, Pipaa, Tibetana, City, Park, Crowd, Street, Cloudy, Bamforest, Fireplace, Heartbeat, Walka, Walkb, Chimes, Oldclock, Whitenoise, Hairdryer, Dryer, Vacuum, Construct, Machinea, Carride, Railway, Industry, Fanlow, Fanmid, Fanhigh

What's new in Version 3.3
UI Fix for new iPhone Models


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