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Category: Games
Released: 18 Jul 2017
Published: 19 Jun 2018
Latest version: 2.5
Size: 569.47 MB

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8.1 or later
Far Tin Bandits
The Far Tin Bandits is a completely new action game filled with fast, fun, far tin shooting action!

With a motley crew of seven uniquely skilled mutant beans, load up your barrels and shoot your way through a variety of fast and furious levels, leaving no tin unopened. The Far Tin Bandits shoot, split, spin, curve, explode, expand and smash their way through locations featuring runaway mine carts, winding whirl pools, tenacious totem poles, ghoulish graveyards and much more.

It's fast, furious, far tin, fun.

What's new in Version 2.5
With invaluable feedback from our players, we have enhanced gun controls to be faster, smoother and more precise, allowing for far more Far Tin Fun.
In addition, we have enhanced many of the in-game graphics and special FX for an even better, even more engaging experience than ever before.

And some really boring, minor bug fixes.


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