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Category: Productivity
Released: 12 Jan 2018
Published: 20 Nov 2019
Latest version: 12.0.4
Size: 35.31 MB
Seller: Develobile S.p.A.

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English, French, Spanish

10.0 or later
Pisth - SSH Client
Pisth is an SSH and SFTP client.
Use Pisth to upload, view and edit files in your SSH server.


• Manage files in your SSH server and use the Shell in the same app.
• Edit text files and code with colored syntax.
• The terminal is like xterm, so you can use text editors such as nano, vim, etc.
• SSH Keys
• Drag and drop.
• Send special keys.
• Run snippets of code very quickly.
• Find your connections with Spotlight.
• Share shell session between other devices using Pisth or your Mac.
• Transfer files between servers.
• Find servers with Bonjour.

( ! ) SSH must be enabled in your computer.
( ! ) SFTP is different than FTP and FTPS, SFTP is part of SSH and is enabled by default.

Source code: https://github.com/ColdGrub1384/Pisth

What's new in Version 12.0.4
UI improvements


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