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Category: Games
Released: 18 May 2018
Published: 11 Apr 2023
Latest version: 6.5
Size: 133.22 MB
Seller: Hayden Watson

© Hayden Watson

English, Portuguese, Spanish

11.0 or later
Modern Magic Ball
Modern Magic Ball is the ultimate decision-making tool. It was built to run fast, be fun, bring people together, and be easy to use.


Multi-Language Support
Magic Ball can respond in 12 different languages. Now everyone can get a response.

Speak to Magic Ball
Ask questions using only your voice, now it's a truly modern decision-making tool.

Fast and Lightweight
So you can have more apps on your device.

Built with iOS Design Guidelines in Mind
So it feels like home.

Shake to Tell Future
Just shake your device to use the Magic Ball.

Complete Achievements
Complete achievements to work your way up the ranks and become a Master Magic Baller.

Change the theme of the Magic Ball to a solid color, pick your own image, or pick from a great selection of included images. The app icon may also be changed to one of many different colors.

Response Topics
Magic Ball has many different sets of responses. They include: Classic, Modern, Rude, Songs, Fast Food Places, Stores, or Video Games! Some can even be customized to your liking.

Type to Magic Ball
Ask questions using your keyboard, some questions even give you a special response!

Enhanced Accessibility
Larger Text support, Smart Invert support, VoiceOver support, & more.

Custom Response Sets
Decide your own fate and create Custom Response Sets! You can add as many responses as you’d like to the app! You can also insert any of the response topics intro your custom sets.

Discover New Songs
Find new songs with the Songs response topic. All the songs are handpicked and new songs are added regularly.

Game Controller Support
Use your favorite controller to use the Magic Ball!

Languages Magic Ball Can Respond In:
English, Spanish, Russian, Tagalog, German, French, Portuguese, Chinese (Simplified), Romanian, Ukrainian, Dutch, Esperanto, Pig Latin, and Pirate.

What's new in Version 6.5
Welcome to Spring 2023! A lot of new content has been added, as well as some great bug fixes!

New Responses Added!
- Over 80 songs have been added to the English songs!
- Added a new store to the default list of stores
- Added 2 new emoji in the Emoji response language for users of iOS 16.4 or later
- Added new video games to the default Video Game response topic!
- Added 3 new meme responses
- Added new English quotes of the day!

- Tweaked E-Mail error wording if the user is not allowed to send emails when trying to give feedback
- Added Minty Gradient to themes
- Smart Responses can now be turned off
- Updated the Acknowledgements page!
- You can now turn off Smart Responses
- Changed how to obtain the “Love is a Funny Thing” achievement.


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