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Category: Games
Released: 14 Aug 2022
Published: 21 Sep 2023
Latest version: 2.24
Size: 167.39 MB
Seller: Kevin Mikles

© Kevin Mikles


11.0 or later
Bardcard is a card-matching roguelite featuring a mysterious subterranean world to explore. Match cards to advance through the dungeon. Discover helpful equipment, battle dangerous minions, and meet magical familiars that join you on your adventure. Learn the secrets of this realm and discover the truth about the chaos that engulfs it.

Can you find your brother Lukas? Who is ZUG? How far down does this dungeon go?


- 40+ rooms to explore: Determine the best card-matching sequence to survive each floor. Keep on the lookout for alternate exits leading down less-traveled paths, and rare artifacts that appear when specific cards are matched. Are you exploring a dark room? In that case you’d better bring a torch!

- 150+ unique, hand-drawn cards to discover: Weapons, armor, and magical items to protect you in the dungeon. Various characters that guide you, teach skills, and present puzzles. Monsters and traps to thwart your progress at every turn. There’s a lot to discover, and each game is a bit different than the last.

- Old-school RPG elements set within an immersive world: Turn-based action, experience levels, quests to complete, and more. We’ve taken elements from all our favorite games of yesteryear and rolled them into Bardcard.

- Beautiful soundtrack created by us: We’ve orchestrated every flute, piano, and xylophone to create a unique realm to adventure in.

- Challenging rogelite system with powerful persistent artifacts: Death is likely unavoidable in this dangerous world. Lucky for you, there are special items and companions that stick with you no matter what happens in the dungeon.


App Store Game of the Day (11/8/22)


We are two childhood friends building a mysterious world for you to explore. Originally from Michigan and now based up and down the West Coast, we create everything from the gameplay, imagery, audio, and story, to physical apparel and collectibles.

Although we charge a small price for downloading our games, we don’t have in-game advertising or in-app purchases. It’s just not our thing. Instead, you get access to the entire game and future updates. Let’s do this!

We’d love to hear from you: hello@rascalmagic.com

What's new in Version 2.24
Added new weapons and armor, and shuffled all weapon and armor cards around: Some new cards are found earlier in the game, and attributes for many cards have changed slightly.

Updated Familiar level up experience to clarify the skill improvements: New skills are denoted as "new" and updated skills now render the total bonus granted.

Made the last tapped Journal tab persistent when viewing the Journal in-game: After exiting and reopening the Journal, you will land on the last tab you were on. This should make activities like constantly checking the Map easier via fewer taps.

Fixed an issue where Myre's "Illumination" skill would sometimes not trigger a notification.

Fixed a data consistency issue where a Familiar would not render in the Journal Status screen between games (e.g. if no active player is present such as when a game ends). In this case, the default familiar selected from the "Embark" screen will be rendered.

Tweaked trap generation mechanics to slightly increase the number of turns a player is granted to disarm a trap.

Fixed an issue where an odd number of Gnawers could be revealed via Rubble in the Crumbling Walls room, making one card unmatchable.

Rare monsters that drop unique loot such as Artifacts and Relics now drop random rare items in subsequent battles.

Tweaked the Crystal Ball mechanics to increase the number of cards revealed. This is based on your `magic` attribute and floor number just as before, but the calculation is more consistent.

Uncursing the Iron Sphere now gives you Dark Powder.

Updated the UI when uncursing an item using Myre's ability.

Updated the copy on "investigative" cards such as Rubble and Bone Pile.

Removed unused code and data.


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