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Category: Productivity
Released: 15 Aug 2018
Published: 17 Feb 2024
Latest version: 17.2.7
Size: 294.62 MB
Seller: Kairoos Solutions S.L.

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Arabic, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Spanish

15.0 or later
Notes Writer Pro 2024
You have lecture notes to take, a story to tell, article to publish, whether it’s today’s journal entry, tomorrow’s thesis, highlight important things in ebooks and PDFs, fill out a PDF form or get the most from your business meetings. Notes Writer is an excellent assistant in study and business, also being effective for writing down your ideas and thoughts and sharing them!

Students, teachers, writers, doctors, journalists, scholars and business professionals use Notes Writer daily to store notes, annotations, memos, signed PDFs, papers, highlighted PDF text-books, lectures and more.

With Notes Writer Pro you can:

· Write Everywhere: Use Notes Writer as an stand-alone writing app even if you don’t have a computer or you are offline in the wilds
· Create rich text format (RTF) and advanced Markdown (MD) documents
· Define margins, headers/footers, paper sizes, MLA and APA style format
· Live counters: characters, words, sentences, lines, Avg. Word length, Words per sentence & reading time
· Text to Speech for proofreading
· Dictation lets you speak text instead of typing
· Typewriter: Distraction-Free mode, letting you focus on what you’re writing
· Over 30 languages typing support including Japanese, Chinese, Arabic & Hebrew
· Extra keys: tab, forward delete, cursor up/down/left/right, etc.

· PDF Annotations: highlight, strikeout, underline, notes, voice notes, pencil, stamp, sign...
· Fill out forms. Supports PDF AcroForms standard
· Sign with your own signature documents, contracts, forms
· Digital Signature Validation

· Organize your work in unlimited notebooks, folders and subfolders
· Create notebooks and projects in your own tree-like structure: Sections, Classes, Lectures, Grades, Drafts, Folders, Chapters, Research, etc.
· Design the cover of your notebooks
· Full-text search your library of documents and projects

· Split view: Open two PDFs or handwritten notes simultaneously on screen. Compare or use them as book and paper
· Full PDF reader and manager included for reference files, text books, ebooks, articles, resources, papers, etc.
· Use the camera of your iPad/iPhone to scan documents, notes, recipes, tickets, etc. as PDF
· Open PowerPoint, Word and Excel files

· Open attachments directly from the Mail app
· Sync via iCloud, Dropbox, Box, WebDAV and Google Drive
· Convert to multiple formats RTF, Markdown, PDF, ePub, HTML, RTFD, TXT, etc.
· Zip folders/notebooks and email them

· Protect your work with an app security passcode
· Protect any folder or project with a passcode
· Automatic Backups of your notes and notebooks

Notes Writer is more than an innovative, fast and reliable note-taking, PDF annotator and writing app designed for anyone who take notes or writes. This is a smart notepad and writing workspace for your iPad and iPhone.

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What's new in Version 17.2.7
- New Photo to PDF converter. Convert any photo or image (png, tiff, jpg, gif) to PDF format and annotate it.
- New Math Editor! Easily add any Math formula or equation to your text or PDF documents. New powerful Math keyboard. Supports LaTeX
- Use advanced 7 Ink tools to write and sketch in Scribble notes: Marker, Pen, Pencil, Monoline, FountainPen, Watercolor and Crayon. (iOS 17 only)
- Now you can extract all your highlights from a PDF and edit, share, summarize or even use them with the AI Assistant
- Now you can organize and store your multimedia files! Import video and sound files and preview them directly in Notes Writer. (MP3, MP4, Wave, AMR, AC3, etc.)
- Import Microsoft Office files (Word, PowerPoint, Excel), iWork files (Pages, Keynotes, Numbers), images in multiple file formats, etc. and convert them to PDF so you can annotate them!
- We've added a full-text search feature for multiple PDF documents in your local library. Now you can find words or phrases across multiple PDF documents simultaneously! Just tap the search button on the bottom toolbar to use this feature.
- Long tap on any point of a PDF page to add images, stamps, text, signatures or audio recordings!
- Improves ink annotation rendering to avoid artefacts at line ends.
- The AI Assistant has been improved and will now automatically provide answers in the language of the user's keyboard.
- New handwriting to text converter! New "Convert" option allows you to effortlessly convert your handwritten notes on PDF to text and share them across documents and applications. You can either use the "Scissors" lasso tool to select a specific text or select the entire page and use the "Convert Handwriting" option to automatically convert it.
- Add your personal book collection to the new full-featured ePub reader, annotate them, and utilize AI technology to summarize, explain, or expand the content.
- AI Assistant! We've introduced a new AI Assistant. Experience the future of note-taking and writing! (Only available on Pro.)
- New template chooser. More than 250 free and ready to use templates for you!
- The latest update to Notes Writer includes a new type of document, called Outline. This new feature allows you to create and edit outline notes using a powerful outliner engine. With this addition, Notes Writer is now the most versatile note-taking app, supporting PDF, Text, Rich Text, Markdown, Scribble, and Outline documents.
- The ability to read entire documents or selected text in more than 150 high-quality text-to-speech voices through the fixed Read Aloud and Speak features.
- Improved resolution in clips created with the Scissors tool in PDFs and the addition of a new "border" feature that generates a white background with a frame around the clip image.
- The ability to add tables, nested lists, checklists, and more to your Text documents.
- "Live Text" OCR, which allows you to scan printed text from physical documents directly into Notes Writer documents.
- Desktop-class iPad app features such as the new navigation bar customization and Stage Manager support.
- A redesigned iPad UI with new menus and improved icons.
- Quick access to your "Favorite" documents.
- An improved PDF Reader Mode with direct and quick access to actions like search, bookmark, highlight, etc.
- A fully redesigned iPhone user interface that is faster and more powerful.
- Improved Arabic language localization and Right-to-Left UI layout for more RTL languages.
- Fixes for French and German localization issues.
- Improved Rich Text annotation boxes on PDFs.
- Improved Undo/Redo UI button locations.


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