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Category: Games
Released: 22 Aug 2018
Published: 08 Feb 2023
Latest version: 4.1
Size: 434.47 MB
Seller: Donna A Gateley

© Donna A Gateley


11.0 or later
This adventure game challenges the player to find new lands while practicing ASL, Fingerspelling and/or Cued Speech. 

The game gives 20 mini-quests! There are more than 2,200 ASL terms, 900 Cue terms, and 900 FS terms used to select random terms used in the mini-quests. OR, access all the terms in the handy study dictionary.

The first 10 mini-quests focus on: vocabulary, numbers, colors, math, patterns, shapes, directions, the alphabet, conversation words and phrases, and emergency words and phrases. 

The next 10 mini-quests, available in the Expanded Universe, randomly lets the player practice any of the terms.

The handy scroll shows which quests you've completed, and the handy map shows the places you've visited and allows teleportation to previously visited places.

Select the communication style you want to use: ASL, Fingerspelling or Cued Speech. Set the game level to use: Beginning, Intermediate or Advanced. When you successfully complete the game, you can play the mini-quests in the Expanded Universe, or you can restart it with new settings to play again.


What's new in Version 4.1
Added new ASL and CUE vocabulary.
Fixed bug in Cue version for extended quests.


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