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Category: Games
Released: 09 Mar 2019
Published: 19 Nov 2023
Latest version: 3.4.21
Size: 3,239.04 MB
Seller: Software Gurus, LLC

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12.0 or later
MCCX Drag Racing Game
In short, after reading this, you’ll find that this car game is the one you want!! Built on both iOS and MacOS, it is a high definition American classic race car game featuring some of the most legendary and iconic cars. Where quality is number one, the car operations and graphics within this game are incredibly smooth and closely matched. Which creates a most desired American classic race car game. In our opinion, this game also features some of most extraordinary reflexive paint jobs and chrome packages on classic muscle cars available for the listed platform types. With our advanced throttle and exhaust systems, and the realistic gear controllers on these rides, you’ll hear some of the most realistic, aggressive and mean sounding cars you probably ever heard coming out of the speakers on your mobile device. When you hear these engine sounds, you might want to say to the car, don’t ya be so mean!! LOL. It is truly amazing!

From the beginning, the game will require the you take your vehicle through our Maneuverability Training. Here you will get a feel for how your car responds to the throttle position as well as its’ handling. After which, it on to Nitrous Training. This is really just a Quarter Mile stretch used to get you used to using your Nitrous controller for your vehicle during a race. Even this level can be a lot of cool fun! From there, the system progresses through each level by pitting your car up against each opponent car until you beat each opponent car at that level. The object is to drive complete each race (which is just a couple of laps). To be given credit for the lap, you must be sure to go through each checkpoint. This game also has has other unique qualities.

What really makes this game unique is the fact that there are working engine blocks underneath the hood of these classic vehicles. These engines aren’t just used for appearance underneath the hood. As you rev your engines to a high throttle position during the count down before a race what you hear is actually the crank shaft and engine part that are rotating at a High RPM. When the count down is complete, the power of the RPM sounds are shifted to the rear-axle with is impacted by the gear shifts within the transmission system. With all of this said, this American Classic Race Car Game will always be cool could be and worth worth it to you to add it to your collection of IOS/Mac OS gaming apps.


- Ability to choose from one of five muscle cars from the 60’s and 70’s eras all with loud exhaust systems.

- Ability to tweak your cars overall performance with speeds ranging from 120 to 205 MPH (At no additional costs).

- Features brilliant auto-body paints on some of the most iconic muscle cars that exist.

- Features a tuning module in the garage so you can tune your cars the way you like.

- Working engine models underneath the hood.

- Allows you to customize your car by choosing paint, chrome, gauge color transmission, and neon color (At no additional costs).

- Customized gear ratios that closely resemble that from the 60’s and 70’s era.

- Ability to rev the engines and get custom throttle responses tailored for each vehicle.

- Provides maneuverability and nitrous training tracks so you can get experience driving your vehicle before your first race.

What's new in Version 3.4.21
Vehicles: Added more engine power to the Daytona stock vehicle.


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