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Category: Photo & Video
Released: 20 Nov 2020
Published: 02 Jun 2023
Latest version: 2.8
Size: 2.64 MB
Seller: yong chong loh

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14.0 or later
FinderCam with Plate Solving
M31 is located using FinderCam and shot by Daniel Mendell

This app is used for finding objects in the night sky with a telescope, binoculars and the naked eye. The latest demo video was recorded on March 19, 2023 at https://youtu.be/md9LDchUuzU. In this video, I use FinderCam to find some bright stars and M42 Orion Nebula instantly. It shows the plate solving alignments that lead the user accurately to the target.

How does this app work?
1. You will need a suitable holder to fix your phone to your telescope or binoculars for alignment.
2. The app contains a star map and large catalogs of celestial objects. The star map will automatically adjust to your location and time.
3. The view through the scope or bino can be aligned with the star map.
4. Tapping the Solve button displays 3 star names for plate-solving alignment giving their az-alt positions.
5. After alignment, other objects can be searched and their location is shown by a green guiding line for moving the scope.

- More stars than with the naked eye can be seen. It uses image processing to make more stars visible.
- It saves you many frustrating hours finding your deep sky objects.
- Attach your phone to your telescope or binocs and it can lead you to 110 Messier deep sky objects accurately, as well as to planets and bright stars,
- It works in heavily light polluted cities and partial cloudy night.

- For most telescopes, you need a basic phone holder. If you are using a binocular, you will need a L mount.
- You will need a mount with slow motion control like a Dobsonian telescope or slow motion tripod. The app requires you to move a crosshair to the target.

What's new in Version 2.8
- Fix some bugs.


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