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Category: Games
Released: 18 Jan 2023
Published: 31 Jan 2023
Latest version: 1.02
Size: 170.26 MB
Seller: Jaxon Gallegos Garcia

© Jaxon Gallegos Garcia


12.0 or later
This is a very chill Sandbox "City Builder", No Goals, just build your island as beautifully as you can with the given buildings.

When you start the game gives you a 4x4 up to 12x12 block island, and the colors of the Roofs, Water, Grass, and Trees, are randomly picked.

Then you are given a random building that you can rotate and place where you choose. After placing you will be given another building, to build a nice little pretty island.

The current build is the third version, It includes three styles which are given randomly at the start.
More buildings will be added soon. As well as some more visual polish and things to add to its relaxing nature.

Current Styles include:
- Medieval (castle-type stuff)
- Plain (modern-day normal-looking buildings)
- Adobe (pueblo architectural style)

The Game is solo developed, hopefully, you enjoy it, it's a very simple concept.
And this is my first game in actual 3D where I had to use Blender to model the buildings.

What's new in Version 1.02
- Fixed the error of placing the wrong style for the first building when generating a new island.
- Fixed rotation error.
- Added the wood color to the adobe-style buildings to make them look the initially intended way.


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