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Category: Games
Released: 14 Oct 2008
Published: 19 Mar 2010
Latest version: 4.1
Size: 5.84 MB
Seller: Alexandre Minard

© Alexandre Minard

German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Dutch

All devices
PuzzleManiak is a collection of 20 puzzle games: Sudoku, Pattern (Picross like), Bridges, Dominosa, Filling, Galaxies, Loopy, LightUp, Mines, Net, Rectangles, Slant, Tents, Unequal, Untangle, Blackbox, SameGame, Pegs, Mastermind and Map.

All games are generated on-the-fly with a unique solution, thus you’ll never play the same puzzle twice.

All games offer multiple levels from easy to hard.

Statistics are maintained for each game, and each level of difficulty.

For each game, a daily web challenge is available: in this mode, everyday, players from around the world can play the same puzzle and compare their scores with other players.

There is also a 'special web challenge' in which all players play a unique puzzle game, but without knowing which one it is before starting it.

New online game mode: "Players challenges". After any (local) game, you can submit it to the website, so that every other players can play it and so you can compare your scores to other ones.

A ranking is available on the website for this "Players challenges" mode.

Current puzzle is always saved when exiting, so you can resume it later, whenever you wish.

10 best scores of each game are saved locally.

New: Graphic themes are now available.


What's new in Version 4.1
Fix remaining bugs


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