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Category: Business
Released: 17 Nov 2008
Published: 14 Sep 2010
Latest version: 2.4
Size: 1.32 MB
Seller: Nolan Piper

© Nolan Piper


All devices
Percent Calculator
Requires iOS4
Featuring one-touch percent keys, Sell-Cost-Profit-Margin (enter any 2), Percent Change and more, this basic business calculator facilitates quick calculations and effective analysis. It is ideal for anyone in sales.

Touch the display to see a 16 line record of recent calculations. Press "Edit" for a 100+ line list compatible with copy and paste. Save and edit with 3 list memories.

Additional Features:
1) 3-line main display, visible memory, and bar-graphed results.
2) TIP/A% allows positive or negative settings for mark-ups / discounts.
3) Tax supports split taxes and minus tax (to extract the original and tax from a total).
4) Sell-Cost-Profit-Margin includes margin bump buttons and scaling factors for results.

Get more with every calculation.

Gross Profit Margin: (profit/sell)
Margin: (profit/sell)
Mark-up: (profit/cost)

What's new in Version 2.4
Requires iOS4


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