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Category: Education
Released: 04 Dec 2008
Published: 13 Oct 2021
Latest version: 7.4
Size: 3.73 MB
Seller: Walter Kissach

© Walter Kissach


14.0 or later
20/20 Fraction Basics
A power learning aid combining Practice, Coaching Calculators and Guides to help students master modern school methods of addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and comparison of fractions.

Fraction addition and subtraction
- improper fraction method
- mixed number method
- stacked and line format

Fraction multiplication and division
- reduction after multiplication
- cross canceling

Fraction comparison
- cross multiplication
- multiplying denominators
- Least Common Denominator

Fraction conversion
- mixed numbers to improper fractions
- improper fractions to mixed numbers

Equivalent fractions using the LCD
Reduction using the GCD (GCF)

What's new in Version 7.4
iOS 15 compatibility and minor bug fixes.


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