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Category: Business
Released: 21 Feb 2009
Published: 07 Jan 2011
Latest version: 4.0.2
Size: 3.41 MB
Seller: Marcel Trapman


German, Greek, English, Spanish, French, Dutch

All devices
Some of the reviews refer to statuses not showing tickets. This can be corrected in the Kayako admin pages (see our FAQ entry 'I have tickets in a status but it gives a count of 0').
Synchronization issues can be caused by many different factors. You can read more about this in our FAQ article 'When I synchronize I receive an error message'
Many of the limitations mentioned are due to the v3 API of Kayako. With Kayako v4 most of these issues will be solved and SupportDesk will offer more functionality.
For the rest please create a ticket in on our website and we will do our best to help you solving it.

SupportDesk is your utlimate iPhone/iPad app to connect to your ©Kayako SupportSuite™,
eSupport™ (3.20.02 or higher) and Fusion™ (4.40.986 or higher) helpdesk software (http://www.kayako.com).

SupportDesk can connect with your Helpdesk each time you start SupportDesk or when you click the synchronize button.

With SupportDesk for iPhone you can:
•Work with multiple Helpdesks
•Follow tickets per department
•See tickets per status per Department
•Ticket information includes Posts, Billing information and Notes
•View individual Posts
•Reply to Tickets (you can use Predefined Replies)
•Save drafts of a Reply (persistent between sessions)
•Create Tickets
•Delete tickets
•Edit Ticket properties
•Add Ticket notes and Billing information

Many preference settings can be added through the in app settings screen.
We included preferences for:
•Host URL, User and Password
•Sort Order of Tickets and Posts (Ascending order = ON)
•New tickets Vibrate and/or Play Sound
•Ticket Synchronization At Startup
•Statusses for Badge Number Show Badge (# on icon)

IMPORTANT: When you use Kayako v3 there is a limit to the number of tickets/post that can be synchronized (500 ~ 1000 max). The actual number depends on the used hardware as well. This limit does not apply when you use Kayako v4.

What's new in Version 4.0.2
[chg] Added support for iOS 6
[fix] Solved issue with expiring account
[fix] Improved UI performance
[fix] (Potential) Issue with Predefined Messages
[fix] A password with a space is now encoded correct
[fix] Passwords with + etc. characters need 4.40.986 or newer


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