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Category: Business
Released: 31 May 2009
Published: 17 Aug 2012
Latest version: 4.3
Size: 5.24 MB
Seller: Mobile Innovations LLC

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Cloud Services Manager
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Cloud Services Manager is a client application for Amazon Web Services for your iPhone and iPod Touch.You can manage your Amazon EC2, RDS, ELB, S3, CF, SQS, SDB web services using this application.

New in this Release (2.3)
* Added support for Japan-Tokyo Region

New in this Release (2.1)
* Added support for AWS Asia Pacific (Singapore) Region
* Added US-WEST region support for RDS
* Added option to disable S3 bucket logging
* Fixed Monitoring stats display problem in EU region
*Minor bug fixes and enhancements

New in this Release (1.9)
*Added support for RDS EU region
*Added support for session stickiness in ELB
*Added SSH host field to EC2 instance metadata

New in this Release (1.7)
* RDS Service Support
* Minor bug fixes and enhancements

New in this Release (1.6)
* Added folders View to S3 Objects.
* Fixed problem with saving ELB Region Setting.
* Increased S3 Object Page size to 100.
* Supports custom URL launch.(Please see Accounts List View for details)

New in this Release (1.5)
* Added CloudWatch Support
* Fixed problem with loosing Account information between updates
* Minor bug fixes and enhancements

New in this Release (1.4)
* Elastic Load Balancers support
* Added description field for Ec2 snapshots
* Minor bug fixes and enhancements

New in this Release (1.3)
* Start/Stop Actions for EC2 Instances(EBS)
* US-West region support for EC2/S3/SDB
* UI for AWS Service Health
* Crash fix for large file downloads
* Minor bug fixes and enhancements

New in this Release (1.2)
* Pass code protection.
* Video uploads from 3gs.
* Download and play Audio/Video files from S3 directly on the device(IPhone /IPod supported formats only)
* Tag Instances,Volumes and Ip.
* Launch External SSH Applications directly.
* Email/Copy S3 Object links .
* Copy/Paste Various EC2 instance attributes.
*SDB EU Region support.
* View Shared EBS Snapshots by others
* Several minor bug fixes and enhancements.

* Manage all instance operations (Launch,Terminate,Reboot,Console,Assign elastic IP, Attach/Detach Volume)
* Manage Security Groups,KeyPairs
* Manage EBS Volumes
* Create snapshots from volumes
* Manage your EC2 instances in all Regions
* Search Available EC2 images
* Color coded server status messages

* Create/Delete S3 Buckets,S3Objects
* Manage ACLs for your S3 Buckets and Objects
* Distribute Your S3 Buckets through Cloud Front
* Take pictures from your iPhone and upload to your S3 Bucket
* Configure Bucket Logging

* Manage Domains,Items,Attributes
* Query Items in Domain
* Domain Metadata

* Create/Delete Queues
* Configure Que attributes
* Send/Read Messages in Queues

* Multiple AWS accounts
*Import AWS Credentials from any specified URL


What's new in Version 4.3
* Fixed issues with AWS service Health status screens due to Status feed URL changes.
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