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Category: Games
Released: 16 Jun 2009
Published: 16 Jun 2009
Latest version: 1.0.0
Size: 31.49 MB
Seller: Netchubiyori

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Samurai Slash
Slice and dice through a swarm of samurai warriors!
Chop 'em up and let the battle field soak with their blood.

- Your finger is your katana blade.
Slice your katana blade through oncoming samurais!
Your sword will follow your finger trail with razor like precision.

- Know thy enemy from thy friends.
Watch out, some samurais mean you no harm.
If they hold a flower or refuse to draw their blade...don't kill them!

- Wipe the blood from your eyes.
Each kill splatters new blood across the screen, clouding your vision.
Quickly flick the blood away with your finger.

- Kill with one blow or disarm your enemies for extra points.
Slice across the neck and head for an insta-kill, or lop off their hands to keep them from attacking you!
Consecutive critical blows earn you maximum points.

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