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Category: Games
Released: 13 Jun 2009
Published: 16 Jan 2010
Latest version: 1.3
Size: 25.33 MB
Seller: Megara Entertainment

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Arcana Agency: Prologue
[A Kickstarter campaign is now running to help finance the sequel for this app - provided we reach the amount needed to release it in print first - Type Arcana Agency: The Thief of Memories on Kickstarter to know more, and help us by pledging if you can!]

Arcana Agency:Prologue is a graphical Choose Your Own Adventure game.

Arcana Agency, set in 1930s New York, puts you in the role of Humphrey Brown, a professor of anthropology who dreams of adventure and is unexpectedly hurled neck-deep in it as he turns private eye. Along the way he’ll meet interesting, suspicious, obsequious, and disreputable characters as he is pulled deeper into a mystery that threatens his health and sanity — and it’s your job to keep him sane, healthy, and on the case.

FULL REVIEW can be read at :

- toucharcade.com - "Great clean polished interface. Very nice artwork. The story is well written."
"I cant wait to read another page!"
"The choices in the game are many."
"You must, it seems, manage some sensitive personalities as the story goes on! Quite well done. I like it - Go Get It"

What's new in Version 1.3
More in-game sounds effects !


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