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Category: Music
Released: 12 Jun 2009
Published: 18 Feb 2010
Latest version: 1.3.1
Size: 0.76 MB
Seller: Yudo Inc.

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Rectools08pro Multi Track Recorder
Rectools08pro 8ch Multi Track Recorder

""Extended max recording time to 74min""

Rectools08pro Multi Track Recorder

Rectools08 is a recording application by Yudo who also is the creator of the in japan top ranked (all categories) Matrix Music Pad and 8 Bitone.
Rectools is different from other normal recording applications. You can make high quality recordings without compression, record up to 8 tracks, edit your audio clips directly in the application and more! For more information please watch our homepage. If you are looking for a voice recording application please look up our Rectools02 chich can record up to 12 hours!

A version up with the following new features is in review:

* The delay of the click is now adjustable (fast, delayed, normal)
* Looping
* Import audio from your PC via WIFI.
* With some fixes to the engine the project max time has been extended to 15minutes and we plan to extend it further)

Yudo Rectools08pro with it's easy-to-use interface is the perfect tool for music creation . It is also the first 8 channel multi track recorder for the iPhone / iPod Touch! Perfect for band or chorus recordings.

Furthermore rectools is tested and compatible with the iPhone microphone and several external 3rd party iPhone/iPod microphones. and records in 44.1kHz / 16bit top quality. Thanks to the wave edit feature it is also possible to edit and process your recorded data afterwards.

* 8 channel multi track recording (note that mono track takes up 1 channel and a stereo track takes up 2 channels)

* Wave edit function
Edit & process your recorded data.

Comes with a 3 band equalizer one for each channel.
Frequency range of 20hz ~ 20kHz and gain ±12dB.

Like a real mixing console volume fader, panning pot and equalizer, mute, solo is supported for all channels also input and output channels can have their volume and panning position adjusted (note that the input channel volume is done in software)

Audio Pool:
Lets you access all the recorded data in your project, delete and upload to your computer in the local network is also possible.

Helps you to keep the beat when recording.

Send your recordings to a computer n the same local network as your iPhone / iPod Touch via WI-FI.

Compatible with 3rd party microphone:
Tested and works with various 3rd party microphones.

Recording format: Linear PCM (WAV) 44.1kHz / 16bit in stereo or mono.
Recording length: max 7 min


Tested and works with: iPodTouch(2nd) + Apple's In-Ear headphones with remote and mic / The iPhone microphone / Alesis's ProTrack / Logitec's LIC-iREC01 / Tunewear's CAPSULE Mic / Stereo Sound Recorder for iPod.

Rectools is a next generation handheld audio production studio which makes fully use of the iPhone / iPodTouch interface. It let's you not just create but edit and process music and sound directly with your fingertip. We are from now on also planning to make it network compatible, add synthesizers, a drum machine, effects and much more in the near future.

Our special weekend sale will be back!!

What's new in Version 1.3.1
Minor bug fixes.


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