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Category: Utilities
Released: 21 Dec 2009
Published: 20 Nov 2020
Latest version: 3.3.2
Size: 1.95 MB
Seller: Richard Cranisky

© Rick Cranisky

English, French, Portuguese

14.0 or later
SiteSucker is an iOS app that automatically downloads websites from the Internet. It does this by copying the site's webpages, style sheets, images, PDFs, and other files to your iOS device, duplicating the site's directory structure. When SiteSucker downloads a webpage or style sheet, it scans the file for links and downloads the links. SiteSucker "localizes" the pages it downloads, allowing you to browse a site while offline.

SiteSucker lets you save the current URL and settings in a document which you can use to download the same site in the same way whenever you want.

What's new in Version 3.3.2
Fixed a problem setting the destination folder for certain folder names.


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