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Category: Games
Released: 06 Apr 2010
Published: 06 Jul 2010
Latest version: 1.0
Size: 9.62 MB
Seller: 415 Games

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Puzzle Chess
This is NOT your ordinary Chess game! This is a Chess Adventure!

Your Enemies move like Chess pieces, but the similarity to Chess ends there...

Impenetrable walls, Trapdoors, Teleporters and Time Bombs? Set them off and see what happens!

Things can get tricky but don’t despair, for along the way, there will be Gold Coins to give you Extra Life and Power-ups to help destroy your Enemies.

Puzzle Chess is a fun original twist on a classic game that will have you off on a puzzlicious Chess adventure!



The goal on each level is to pick up the Golden Key and use it to open the Door to the next Level, without falling into a trapdoor, getting blown up, or eaten.

Much like Chess, your enemies are drawn from the ranks of the Pawns, Knights, Rooks, Bishops and even the great King and Queen can be drawn into battle.

All enemy pieces move like Chess pieces and you can destroy them or avoid them much like Chess.

Complete all Regular and Bonus Levels and you will have a chance to save the Princess from the clutches of her evil Stepfather, the Black King!



- Original Twist on Chess

- Randomly generated levels for endless, addicting, replayability

- Over 150 levels with 18 Bonus levels to conquer for hours of fun!

- Enemies, Gold Coins, Runes, Teleporters, Trapdoors, Bombs, Power-ups and more!

- Simple, animated, and helpful Tutorial

- Brush up on your Chess moves & get better at Chess!

- 3 levels of difficulty (Easy, Medium and Hard)

-Game Saves! Just press Continue!


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