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Category: Games
Released: 04 Apr 2010
Published: 07 Apr 2011
Latest version: 1.3
Size: 0.56 MB

© Shohei Fukui

English, Japanese

All devices
"SketchRec" is software that draws the picture for children. Tracks of the picture are recorded.(iPhone,iPad univarsal app)
【 feature 】
*Tracks of the picture are recorded. Tracks when drawing are traced when reproducing.
*The picture preserved in the past can be reproduced.
*The drawn time can be changed from the setting of iPhone. (No limits,300seconds,100 seconds,60 seconds,50 seconds , 40 seconds , 30 seconds , 20 seconds , 10 seconds)
*The drawn picture can be preserved in the camera roll(not movie).
*The drawn picture can be transmitted with mail. (One piece. )(not movie)
*Effective invalidity of the Mail Sending function can be set from a set screen. The child is prevented from being transmitted without permission.

【 operation 】
*It disregards it as "Draw" is pushed.
It stops if "Draw" is pushed again when lacking it.
*When "Play" is pushed, it is reproduced.
It stops if "Play" is pushed again when seeing.
*When "Save" is pushed, it is preserved in the application program.
*What written in the past that a lower right campus is clicked can be seen.
*If the button in the upper right of a past list screen is done in the tap, it becomes an edit mode. It preserves, Mail Sending to the camera roll, and the image can be deleted.
Please push each button after it selects it.

【Differ about a version for a fee and a free version 】
*A version for a fee can be preserved in the camera roll.
*A version for a fee can be transmitted with mail.
*The advertisement is inserted in a free version.

What's new in Version 1.3
+add iPad version
+change icon


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