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Category: News
Released: 18 May 2010
Published: 02 Apr 2011
Latest version: 2.6
Size: 3.35 MB
Seller: Curtis Wensley

© Curtis Wensley

English, French

All devices
ezFeeds News Reader
ezFeeds is a full-featured news reader with Google Reader synchronization.

Read items quickly in your custom feed & folder order using the Next Unread button, so you can get in, read all your news in the order you want, and get out.

Find & discover suggested feeds and subscribe to them instantly

• Synchronize with Google Reader
• Optionally hide read folders, feeds and articles
• Download read items to keep a full history of articles
• Cache Images for offline reading (see Settings)
• Add, remove, and order your feeds and folders
• Search for articles by keyword globally, by folder, or by feed
• Create “smart feeds” to save your searches
• Quickly find, preview, and subscribe to blogs and feeds by keyword
• Find recommended feeds and blogs based on your subscriptions
• Subscribe to custom feeds from Google News, Twitter, Flickr, Youtube, eBay, and more
• Safely authenticate with Google, Twitter, and Facebook without storing passwords for enhanced security
• View how many items are left by feed and folder on the navigation bar
• Share articles by Twitter, Facebook, Email, Instapaper, ReadItLater, and Google Reader sharing
• Shorten shared urls using Bitly
• Open articles and web pages in Google Mobilizer, Instapaper Mobilizer, and Safari
• Excellent accessibility with voiceover

What's new in Version 2.6
• Add French localization for both UI and accessibility labels (Provided by Sof)
• Can now go directly to web page or mobilizer when opening an article (per feed or global settings)
• Next Unread, starred, and mark unread now in full page view
• Can now email current web url
• Refresh button changes accessibility label to notify user when it is done
• Add option to specify how long between refreshes when refresh on startup is on
• Add ability to change the reading order for unread folders and the next unread button in settings.
• Fix issue renaming feeds
• Fix iPad-related issues when only showing unread items


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