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Category: Business
Released: 08 Aug 2010
Published: 27 Dec 2010
Latest version: 2.6.2
Size: 6.27 MB
Seller: Yasuko Shikiuchi

© Yasuko Shikiuchi

English, Japanese

All devices
Count down calendar events
* This app display the remaining time until the next event of the iPhone calendar.

==We sometimes lower the price of this APP. Please pay attention to it.==

■ It supports multitasking
- Even if you finished application with a home button, App notify you of it.
- When event time comes, App display a message.
- - - When you tapped the [View] button
Application starts and displays time until the next plan and begins "countdown" again.
- - - When you tapped the [Close] button
The App does not start.
App become "snooze mode". (In the case of [snooze on] setting)App display a message promoting attention every 10 minutes.

■A notice interval
-When the remaining time is [one hour] or [45 min] or [30 min] or [20 min] or [10 min], app notify you of it.
-The remaining time notifies you of it every one minute in the case of from 10min to 3min.
-When the remaining time is equal to or less than three minutes, app notify you of it every 30 seconds.
-When the remaining time is equal to or less than 10 seconds, app notify you of it every one second.

■ How to use button
There are five buttons in the screen lower part. Explain it from the right.
1. The button which advances to the next plan.
Notify you of a displayed plan.
2. A silence button. The notice of background becomes off, too.
3. A sound choice button. You choose a news sound (Japanese, English) and an alarm tone.
4. The button which returns to a plan before the one.
5. The button which returns to the first plan.

■ Attention
- Please use this app with a multitasking support model
- The app does not do the notice by a sound and the alarm tone with "multitasking not support model".
- App do not notify about the future events more than 99 hours.
- App do not notify you of it about "All-day".

What's new in Version 2.6.2
Bug fixed


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