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Category: Games
Released: 22 Aug 2010
Published: 22 Feb 2011
Latest version: 1.3.5
Size: 32.65 MB
Seller: Marco Poletto

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W.I.P. - Spaceship Driving
“The concept is very fun, and addicting ... something you will play over and over again.
The graphics are great and very colorful and detailed. The sounds and music are great!” - Appmodo



A giant meteor is going to destroy Mytral, an ancient planet populated by a high tech civilization.
Drive the engineers by space buses and help them building a super rocket to escape from the planet before the inevitable impact.
It's a countdown with no other ways: just your ability and the space buses at your disposal.
Let's go: the Work is In Progress.


Each level features numbered platforms and engineers waiting to be carried to the destinations.
The player drives the buses by tapping on them and drawing their fligh paths.
To take an engineer on board, simply land on the platform he is waiting on.


Space bus driving by touch screen!
Excellent graphic with stunning backgrounds!
Great soundtracks!
Story Mode Gameplay with 24 levels with increasing level difficulty to help the robots escaping from the planet.
Challenge Mode Gameplay with easy, medium and hard level to achieve your best scores.

What's new in Version 1.3.5
We have update W.I.P. Spaceship Driving to make it compatible with the new devices, and three new levels in challenge mode.
In the next future, there will be a second update with new levels (story mode) and an optimezed graphic for retina display.

Thanks for your support. Your feedback will be appreciated.


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