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Category: Games
Released: 16 Sep 2010
Published: 22 Nov 2010
Latest version: 1.6.6
Size: 29.54 MB
Seller: Motalen

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Infernus: Verse 1
Experience Infernus: Verse 1 on your iPod or iPhone now. The game that begins a saga of next-generation graphics has arrived. Follow us on Twitter (@Motalen) or Facebook (facebook.com/Motalen) to find out updates on Verse 2!

Can you escape to uncover what awaits you outside the cell? The game that poses more questions than answers will leave you wanting the second installment.

You wake up in a room only to discover that nothing is at it seems. Search the room to find clues that can tell you more on how to escape and the ultimate questions. Where are you and who are you?

To move in game, one finger allows you to look around while to fingers in any direction (swipe left or forward, etc.) will let you move in that direction.

The digging does work as provided but you need to think about the clues in order to continue... Perhaps you can dig somewhere else, too?

Try looking at our Support URL (motalen.blogspot.com) for tips that can help you escape the cell.

E-mail us at support@motalen.com for any and all questions. We will respond within the day to ensure your questions are answered.

Will you be able to finish Verse 1 in time for Verse 2 to be released in the very near future?

What's new in Version 1.6.6
Fixed Background Issue on some iPhone 4's


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