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Category: Business
Released: 20 Nov 2010
Published: 17 Apr 2011
Latest version: 4.4
Size: 1.94 MB
Seller: Carsten Fels

© Carsten Fels

German, English, French

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CSV DataViewer
Multiple CSV Files can be synchronized for offline viewing using any WebDAV/HTTP/FTP/MobileMe Web Server connection or Data from other Apps. After loading CSV Data it can be used without Network connection. Every CSV Datatable can be updated with one fingertip. Sorting, Filtering, Searching, Exporting and Mailing is very easy, try it!

You have the following possibilities:
- CSV Files can be synchronized from other Apps/a WebServer or iTunes
- Search for Data in the whole Table (ALL COLUMNS) or specific columns
- Support to search using one or multiple expressions
- Matches in CSV Table Rows are highlighted in red
- Sort by columns
- Advanced Filtering allows to select quickly across different columns using existing values
- Fast CSV dataviewing in a Spreadsheet
- Support to Zoom in-/out
- Emails can be sent directly to addresses in the CSV Table
- Webpages with an Website Url can be opened directly in Safari
- The Spreadsheet is optimized for a huge amount of CSV Data (tested with 450.000 Records)
- CSV Separators are detected automatically
- Columns are resized automatically
- Multilanguage Support (using Unicode UTF-8 or UTF-16)
- CSV Files can be ZIP/GZIP compressed
- Export data selections directly as EMail or HTML EMail attachment
- CSV data selections can be exported as CSV attachment via EMail
- Optional password based data protection of your CSV Data

John Doe Miami
=> Returns the Row with Name="John Doe" and City="Miami"

What's new in Version 4.4
- Support to have up to 40 CSV Files in the Favorites


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