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Category: Weather
Released: 22 Oct 2010
Published: 23 Mar 2011
Latest version: 1.63
Size: 2.52 MB
Seller: Keith Robbins

© Keith Robbins


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Earthquake Hound
Do you enjoy observing earthquakes? Do you want see their order in time and space, change the time window to slide back and forth thru time ? Do you want to adjust the icons, and see the earthquakes laid out on a timeline?

Are you interested in the world of Volcanos? Where they are and what they are up to?

Do you want to filter thru earthquakes based on magnitude or depth?

Are you interested where the tornados strike in the US?

Maybe you are interested in the proximity of nuclear reactors?

Do you want a point weather forecast for any location in the US?

Do you want your earthquake information to come from the USGS, EMSC, Australia feeds? Do you want to easily toggle the map and see the differences?

Are you interested in seismograms (the raw earthquake stuff)? Go right to them, see what they see?

Or buoys? The NOAA report brings you directly there!

Do you want ads ? (Sorry, no advertisements in here)

The Earthquake Hound is by far its the best app for watching all that activity on a full-screen map.

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