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Category: Business
Released: 12 Jan 2011
Published: 02 Mar 2011
Latest version: 1.4
Size: 2.81 MB
Seller: Michael Shiffler

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Custom Template - GPS Enabled Text & Email - Brought to you by Michael The Maven

- Send your Current and Favorite GPS Locations by email or SMS Text

- Create your own templates, complete with customizable placeholders.

Introductory Price- For a Limited Time Only $2.99!
What reviewers are saying:

"Steno writes your emails for you. Select the template, the variables, the recipient and you are done! Fantastic!" Ann R.

"If you have Photographer's Contract Maker, you will immediately understand what this is, only instead of contracts and releases, "Steno" is for email. Loved the new GPS features. Another home run App from Michael. " Jackson S.

"I just wrote and sent my own 2 page customer service email in about 5 seconds using Steno. It is an incredible time saving tool for anyone who needs a rapid fire email machine, especially from my iPad or iPhone." Aaron J.

- Are you a business owner who sends out the same basic email day in and day out?

- Do you wish there was an App that would write your emails for you?

Steno is the App for you!


- Comes with 4 great starter templates
- Auto Embed feature merges your templates with your custom placeholders
- Create your own customizable Email Templates (Unlimited)
- Select from over 40 customizable placeholders which will swap out variable information you choose.
- 10 Custom Text Placeholders
- 6 Custom Roller Placeholders
- 6 Custom Checkbox Placeholders
- Unlimited "Custom Address/GPS Locations" which can embed in up to 7 different GPS Placeholders
- Settings allow you to determine your contact information, Carbon Copy email addresses.
- Edit single drafts
- Works in Horizontal and Vertical Modes
- Includes iPad Native Format
- "Save" feature
- Deleted Templates and Emails Trash Bins

More great updates coming!

For More Information, tips and tricks, or to make suggestions for future updates please visit:

What's new in Version 1.4
Location placeholders can now be shared easily through email, Facebook or Twitter!
Photo & Notes for each location also added!


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