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Category: News
Released: 14 Jan 2011
Published: 28 Dec 2011
Latest version: 1.7.6
Size: 10.66 MB
Seller: perkin tang

© Perkin Tang

Chinese, English, Spanish, Japanese, Polish

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iReadG - Offline rss news reader for Google Reader™
★★★iPad version ( Perfect RSS Reader : http://itunes.apple.com/app/id454431310?mt=8 )★★★

★★★Featured by Appadvice - Notable RSS Reader.★★★
★★★Featured by Apple - New & Noteworthy and What's Hot.★★★

iReadG is a Google Reader fully supported rss news reader. With multiple services integration it provides you real socialized reading experience.

What's special?
★ Fully support google reader comments system.
---- Click sharer's icon to view comments or add comment,
---- The sharer's icon overlaid with a "comment-marker" indicates that there are comments on the shared item.(just like google do)
---- Added "Comments view" items in the following page.
★Very Convenient in navigation
---- Swipe right to return from any page.
★ Mark as read on scroll and more convenient features
---- Tons of unread items? With iReadG you can "mark as read on scroll".
---- Mark all as read, items older than a day, items older than a week, items older than two weeks.
★ The real full screen reading
---- Easy switch between full screen and normal screen ! (Tap to show window or click pin button to pin window)
★ Fully support offline operation
---- Offline reading (cache article, cache images)
---- Offline marking (like, share, star, keep unread, note, etc.)
---- Offline sharing ( share article, share images)
---- Offline managing your feeds ( reorder folders, unsubscribe feed, change folder, etc.)
---- Web pages caching for offline reading.
---- Managing pending operations, tracking operation status in "Pending actions" page.
★ Socialized reading
---- Get recommended articles from google reader.
---- Find people who liked this article and follow.
---- Get shared articles of your followed people.
---- Find feed from your followed people's shared articles and subscribe.
---- Search and add feed to your Google Reader.
★ Browsing the photos in "play" mode
---- "Play" mode show you the latest photos from you rss feeds.
---- Tap caption area of photo to read article.
★ Connect to Google Reader through https !
---- Toggle ON/OFF https connection option in Settings.
★ Support multi accounts
---- Add,delete or switch account in "Account management" page.

---- Sync items with Google Reader.
---- Specify days for syncing each items.
---- Sync marking operations with Google Reader.
---- Cache articles, images.
---- Customize articles showing.
---- Manage cached articles.
---- Manage your subscriptions and folders , search and add subscriptions.
---- Manage your accounts .
---- Browsing the photos in "Play" mode.
---- Support Retina Display and background tasking.

---- for article
Send article link to Instapaper, ReadItLater, Delicious, Evernote.
Post article to twitter, facebook, Tumblr, sina weibo.
Email full article content.
Open external link with instapaper or Google Mobilizer.
---- for image
Save image to album.
Save image to Evernote.
Copy image.
Email image.
Post image to Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, sina weibo.

What's new in Version 1.7.6
fix twitter sharing


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