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Category: Music
Released: 24 Jan 2011
Published: 19 Apr 2011
Latest version: 1.1.1
Size: 2.76 MB
Seller: Cameron Bytheway

© Cameron Bytheway


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BackBeat Pro - Metronome
BackBeat Pro: the metronome made for musicians by musicians.
With its ultra-accurate timekeeping engine and realistic, easy to use interface, BackBeat Pro is the obvious choice for anyone from the beginning student to the full-time musician.

Easily import the structures of your songs into presets with tempo and time signature changes. Share the presets with your students, band members and friends with iTunes File Sharing.


- Tempos 40 - 220 BPM (20 - 660 with varying time signatures)
- Tempo Auto-Incrementer
- Tap function
- Time Signatures 1/2 - 20/16
- Wide range of voices for each individual subdivision
- Easy subdivisions with light display
- Volume mixer
- Polyrhythms ranging from 2:3 - 19:20
- Save/Load Presets plus iTunes File Sharing import/export capabilities
- Preset player for complex tempo/time signature changes
- Easy to use preset editor for quick import of song structures
- Tone generator with detune

- Available on the Support Site

- Basic Metronome - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R99x2pjyZco
- Preset Player - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C1jJNDCL2to
- Import/Export a Preset - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RwBTNi3BlA8

What's new in Version 1.1.1
Audio continues to play after incoming phone call


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