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Category: Finance
Released: 09 Jun 2011
Published: 08 Apr 2021
Latest version: 4.2.2
Size: 89.13 MB
Seller: Park Hankyu

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English, German, Japanese, Korean, Chinese

9.0 or later
Weple Money Pro
Because they are people who do not use household ledger very often, we have analyzed people who do not use it. While it is good to manage perfectly all things in the real world, it is still difficult for the system to automatically do that. As such, people have to directly and manually manage and adjust it.

That is why people think that maintaining a housekeeping book is very difficult and cumbersome. We made this for such users.
Do not think that complex functions are difficult. Gradually start maintaining a housekeeping book with Weple Money. We can also do it. We will cheer you on.
We hope that a small change will come your way with Weple Money.

What's new in Version 4.2.2
- Added the ability to write notes this year, this month, and today.
- A function to sort by amount has been added.
- Other app usability has been improved.


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