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Category: Navigation
Released: 06 Jul 2011
Published: 27 Nov 2023
Latest version: 8.92
Size: 32.09 MB
Seller: BigBalli Consulting llc

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12.0 or later
Cell Network Signal Scanner
Discover the Power of Perfect Connectivity!

Unveil the hidden world of cellular signal strength with our extraordinary app. With just a tap, you can uncover and identify all the carrier towers in your vicinity, whether they're cleverly camouflaged as trees or perched atop buildings.

Picture this: You're an adventurer, an explorer of remote landscapes, or simply someone who values staying connected wherever you go. In those moments when communication is crucial, trust this app to be your guiding light.

Our app equips you with the knowledge of where your carrier towers stand, enabling you to effortlessly boost your cell phone reception. Say goodbye to dropped calls and sluggish data speeds!

But that's not all - delve deeper and explore additional details about these towers, gaining invaluable insights into the network that keeps you connected.

Unlock the Full Potential:
For those who crave the ultimate experience, our Full Unlock Subscription offers even more. For just $9.99 USD/month, you gain access to a world of enhanced features and convenience. Payment is a breeze, charged directly to your iTunes account. Plus, you can manage your subscription settings at any time, ensuring complete control.

Stay Connected, Stay Informed:
We value your privacy and offer a comprehensive Privacy Policy to protect your data. For terms of use, check out our agreement here.

Don't settle for subpar reception - elevate your connectivity with our app today!

Privacy Policy: https://BigBalli.com/privacy
Terms of Use: http://www.apple.com/legal/itunes/appstore/dev/stdeula

What's new in Version 8.92
Discover the Optimal Carrier for Your Location, Factoring in Distance and Obstructions:
Now, you can effortlessly look up telephone numbers and access comprehensive owner details.

We've listened to your feedback, and there are now significantly fewer advertisements for free account users.

What's New:

A sleek and intuitive menu redesign
Expanded carrier options with thousands of new 5G towers
Enhanced support for eSim
Simplified usage of filters
Additional Features:

A wider selection of carrier icons
Accelerated tower discovery with intelligent caching
Added azimuth/bearing information in tower details
Precise measurement of both Wi-Fi and cellular signal strength
Further Enhancements:

Keep track of your upgrade status right from the main menu
Real-time compass pointing to nearby towers
Integration with Siri for added convenience
Receive notifications when new towers are detected
Filter towers based on confidence levels (samples)
View static photos if live StreetView isn't available
Access a dedicated speed test for Wi-Fi connections
Enjoy offline caching capabilities
A refreshed look for the maps feature
Experience lightning-fast performance with our updated database!
And don't forget, we now offer dark mode support.

Discover the ultimate app for locating carrier towers in your vicinity!

We appreciate your continued support and encourage you to share your feedback and ideas with us at hi@FindTowerApp.com. Your input helps us improve our community.


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