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Category: Games
Released: 31 Aug 2011
Published: 04 Sep 2011
Latest version: 1.4.1
Size: 12.17 MB
Seller: STUDIO iNDEX Co.,Ltd.



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Ninjaroid Tsurugi:Brick Breaker
Here's the new sense of Ninja game !

2020 in Edoo, city was controled by monsters and humans were in danger of extinction because 100 years ago, the princess who has supernatural power to contain monsters killed and Ninja clan who have ability to fight against monsters extinct at the same time.

'We are on the back foot...oh, what if returning to the past and saving the princess...? Maybe I could change the present...'
Dr.Hiraga, a scientist in Edoo, made a time machine and decided to send a fighter to the past.

The fighter was called Ninjaroid Tsurugi, an android who was based on models from fighters of Ninja clan.

Tsurugi who had made by scientific capability of all Edoo had a special feature. He could change his body into sphere and get his ability to attack monsters by revolving himself at high speed. It was called Darumar system.

Then Tsurugi was sent away to the past...

Can Tsurugi save the princess and change the present !?

[How to play]
'Ninjaroid Tsurugi' is the game like pinball and breakout mixed.
It's pretty easy to understand the rule.
Pool the power meter of Tsurugi, and control the Blue-Dog to let Tsurugi get down just at where the princess Sakura is.

If you can get down just at where the princess is within the time limit, you can go to the next stage, and you can attack enemies and break down bricks by getting items.

What's new in Version 1.4.1
* Change Icon
* New Graphics


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