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Category: Business
Released: 25 Sep 2013
Published: 03 Jan 2016
Latest version: 1.1.5
Size: 0.79 MB


English, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Chinese

Requires iOS 6.1 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
SinceTheDay - Countdown & Countup
You can know how many days since the past event.
In addition, you can know how many days until the scheduled event.

Review introduction
■Best Yet version - 1.1.1 - Oct 6, 2014
Tried for a long time to find the best countdown/up app. This is the best so far, it has a great clean interface and timers are very readable (no sqiunting at tiny letters). Hope the develpoer resists the urge to change this app too much as its almost perfect as is.

【example for use】
・How many days since the day that my baby the first standing?
・How many days since the day that I bought a toothbrush?
・How many days of receiving the last vaccination?
・How many days left until the examination?
・How many days have I been to put up with something sweet?
・How many days after inspection to expire?
・How many days last time, turn off the hair?
・How many days left until I payday?
・How many days after expiration of the point to expire?

【Main function】
・Date Format: 〜years〜months〜days, 〜weeks〜days, 〜days
・Display: grid view, list view etc.
・Recording media: photos, notes
・Category classification
・Search function

・A particularly important event counting down from 60 days to register badge
・Countdown Setting repeatedly anniversary comes around every year or every month
・Backup: It supports file sharing of iTunes

【About badge】
・Only countdown.
・Automatic update will start from before 60 days.
・It is released to be the date.
(Some events that are set to repeat)

【URL Scheme】

What's new in Version 1.1.5
Optimized for iOS9.


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