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Category: Medical
Released: 28 Feb 2012
Published: 22 Sep 2022
Latest version: 9.0.50
Size: 745.16 MB
Seller: Argosy Publishing

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English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish

13.0 or later
Muscles & Kinesiology
Muscles & Kinesiology is a detailed guide to understanding how muscles and bones interact and how common injuries and conditions occur. Explore thousands of 3D models to visualize and learn about musculoskeletal structure, function, movement, and pathologies in this handy pocket reference—perfect for on-the-go practitioners, athletes, yogis, and students.

+ Explore thousands of 3D models of muscles, bones, ligaments, bursae, nerves, and vasculature from any vantage point or zoom level.

+ Compare normal anatomy and common pathologies with dazzling 3D models of sprains, cervical radiculopathy, a torn meniscus, carpal tunnel syndrome, bone spurs, and many more.

+ Manipulate dozens of muscle action animations, even in mid-motion, to understand the biomechanics of muscle movement.

+ Access detailed information about any of the thousands of anatomical structures in the app, including in-depth definitions, interactive muscle attachments, bony landmarks, innervation, blood supply, and more.

The base purchase includes complete male and female gross anatomy models that can be dissected, common muscle actions, dozens of common pathology models, and five animations.

The additional Musculoskeletal Pathology Animations in-app purchase can extend the guide to include an in-depth series of presentations given by subject matter experts on anatomy, function, and pathology.

What's new in Version 9.0.50
A big update to content and features! Muscles & Kinesiology for iPhone and iPad now includes updated 3D views of male and female anatomy and common conditions, plus new fascia and advanced sharing features.

- Explore over 50 refined pathologies in 3D, such as adhesive capsulitis, shin splints, wrist sprain, and plantar fasciitis.
- Understand the fascia and septa that define the muscle compartments of the upper and lower limbs.
- Make interactive 3D presentations that link sets of models to explain and review a topic. Label structures with tags, notes, and 3D drawings. Share content with patients, classmates, students, and colleagues!


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