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Category: Games
Released: 27 Mar 2012
Published: 29 Mar 2012
Latest version: 1.0
Size: 14.70 MB
Seller: Igor Jerkovic

© Igor Jerkovic


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What makes BombSwitcher different from other connect 3 type games is quick thinking if you want to achieve great scores! Get BombSwitcher now and see why players can't stop competing and beating their personal and global highscores!

BombSwitcher is an addictive and fun strategy puzzle game. It has an amazing learning curve: the longer you play it, the better you get. It just makes you want to play again and achieve a better score.

Destroy at least 3 blocks in a row to achieve points, and for destroying more complex shapes you get rewarded with special bonuses. Switch allows you to switch any two blocks, and bomb destroys all blocks of the color you pick!
To make the game more exciting, there is time and score limit on each level. Think quickly, choose your moves wisely and save your bonuses for the right moment to beat the level. Use switches to make better arrangement of blocks on the board when approaching the level limit, so once the bomb is thrown, as much as possible blocks get destroyed above level limit. Blocks destroyed above the level limit bring a lot of extra points!
As you advance to higher levels, new block colors appear and limits become much more challenging, making you think twice before making a move. Because just one mistake could cost you losing a new highscore you wanted so much!
To make the things even better, all of your scores get recorded on a global scoreboard, so you can compete with other players from all over the world! You can also post your achievements on Facebook or Twitter, so everybody knows how proud of your new result you are!
Bombswitcher is also integrated with Game Center, so you can have fun with your Game Center friends as well!
The game has loads of fun achievements waiting for you to unlock them!

BombSwitcher is a Universal app - you can download it on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Once you buy it you can download it for free on other devices!

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