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Category: Games
Released: 17 Apr 2012
Published: 18 Apr 2012
Latest version: 1.0.3
Size: 39.88 MB
Seller: Wiggles 3D Incorporated

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Paper Bees
“The art style is simply gorgeous” – Indiegraph

“Don’t be fooled…the game’s calm personality and straightforward gameplay are full of challenging, fast-paced levels” – Apptudes.com

“An addictive app that will keep youngsters entertained for hours on end.” – Toys Bulletin

Enter the world of Paper Bees, a defense game that takes place inside a child’s diorama.

Help the paper bees defend their hive against attack! They must fight off eight different types of enemies, including mosquitoes, stink bugs and exploding beetles. The game features 30 challenging levels, spread over three different scenes.

Fling the bees at their attackers to help them protect their home. You can also get help from the bees' allies - bumblebees, dragonflies and ice worms.

Can you help the bees save their hive?

What's new in Version 1.0.3
FREE UPDATE! 15 new levels! Now the bees must defend their hive in ancient Egypt. Help the bees fight off scarabs and mummy beetles. Locusts will give you the ability to destroy your enemies using the power of tornadoes.  

- 15 new levels in ancient Egypt.
- 2 new enemies: the sacred Scarab who holds an orb of energy that's released when one of your bees hits it; and the evil Mummy beetle who becomes deadlier when hit by one of your bees.
- 1 new powerup: the Locust who gives your bees the ability to summon tornadoes to fend off their enemies.
- 5 new achievements.
- Improved controls make aiming and flinging easier.


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