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Category: Utilities
Released: 25 May 2012
Published: 11 Oct 2019
Latest version: 4.93
Size: 30.42 MB
Seller: Klaus Schöffmann

© Klaus Schöffmann

English, German, Italian, Spanish

12.0 or later
Quick Fav Dial - Smart Dialer
This unique app brings the simple and efficient speed dialing feature of old mobile phones to your iPhone! But it's even much better: assign your favorite contacts/phone numbers to positions (1-50) for quick dialing (or FaceTime), emailing, or texting (SMS or WhatsApp)! The assigned contacts will be shown by photo or name (or a nickname) on a 3D wall and can be called with a single tap.

1x tap to call contact.
2x tap to text (SMS).
3x tap to WhatsApp.
4x tap to email.
5x tap to FaceTime.
Or simply do a long press on a contact and select the corresponding action.

This app reuses the contacts already stored on your iPhone, so that you do not have to enter phone numbers or email addresses again! Just assign a contact to a position and everything works automatically like a charm! If you change your contacts later, the app will automatically use the new data!

**IMPORTANT**: Due to this feature, Quick Fav Dial needs access to your contacts! If you don't grant access on the first startup, the app will not work properly and permanently forget all assignments after restart (you can resolve this issue in the Privacy settings of your iPhone though)!

When you assign a contact to a position the app automatically stores the first phone number and first email address, if available. If you want to use a different number or email address, you have two options: either enable "manual field selection" in Settings or assign the same contact to another position, then the app will ask which number/email address to use.

Fifty positions give enough space to visually group together related contacts (e.g., family, friends, colleagues, etc. in an own spatial area) and to quickly find frequently used contacts!

The horizontal 3D scrolling enables fast horizontal browsing through the positions.

What's new in Version 4.93
When assigning a contact with the option 'choose number/email' enabled, you can now also specify if you want to use the email-address (instead of the phone number) for texting and FaceTime.


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