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Category: Business
Released: 07 Feb 2013
Published: 15 Apr 2016
Latest version: 2.42
Size: 5.32 MB
Seller: Punos Mobile Ltd

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English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Spanish

Requires iOS 7.0 or later. Compatible with iPad.
Meeting Assistant - Create and share meeting notes and minutes
Make your meetings better with Meeting Assistant! Use ready-made meeting agenda templates, write and share meeting minutes and get participant info from social media.

"Tool to make meetings more productive"
Kit Eaton - The New York Times

Meeting Assistant® is the complete iPad app for planning, running and concluding successful business meetings. Built by sales pros, for sales pros: with Meeting Assistant you focus on the people you are meeting, not your gadgets!

For the road warriors, Meeting Assistant is a must. Prepare by getting to know the people you are meeting in a minute. Check up companies' Dun & Bradstreet business information (free & in-app). Note customer insights immediately, without breaking the conversation by typing. And e-mail memos to the attendees, and more detailed reports back to the office, right after!

Meeting Assistant caters to everything you need for a successful business:

- Information on the participants
Meeting Assistant makes concise profile cards for meeting participants from sources like social media (in-app) and your device contacts.

- Names to faces
Meeting Assistant's unique Meeting View places attendees in order and allows you to look up their profile information seamlessly during the meeting.

- Keep an agenda
Meeting Assistant can automatically parse an agenda from the calendar invitation. The app also comes with a number of agenda templates, or optionally (in-app) you can design your own!

- Notes during the meeting
Meeting Assistant has a host of features to note down actions, notes, and your personal observations all with a slick UI designed to let you maximize meeting face time instead of hiding behind a laptop screen, typing away.

- Send the memo
Once done, you can send the meeting notes right away automatically to any participants you choose, or for example back to the home office for processing. Optionally (in-app), also in PDF format.

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"..It (Meeting Assistant®) does maintain focus and strikes the right balance between features and price that will make it appeal to many people."
Paul Sawers - The Next Web

" * * * * ½ Meeting Assistant is the best app I've used so far to organize agendas and record minutes of meetings, especially considering its price."
Bruno Fernandes - Central dos Apps

"Meeting Assistant makes clever use of the current technologies available. It's a sleek, fast interface that will certainly be a great help to the modern mobile worker and meeting organiser."
David Hayward - Micro Mart

"There are quite a few meeting apps out there on the market but, truth to be told, 90% of these are fairly ordinary. Fortunately, Meeting Assistant is among the other 10 % .."
Doug Drinkwater - Tab Times

What's new in Version 2.42
Minor improvements & bug fixes
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