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Category: Games
Released: 07 Aug 2012
Published: 10 Dec 2012
Latest version: 1.0.6
Size: 133.91 MB
Seller: LiLi Tao

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Chinese, English

All devices
A new theme pack - "Deep Sea: Great Whale Grounds" is now available!!!!!!!!
Free for a limited time. Don't miss it!!

The anticipated update to one of the top casual strategy games on the App Store is here! In Deep Sea: Great Whale Grounds, the diving carrot has strayed into Great Whale Grounds. Five new towers have been added to the defenders' arsenal (for a total of 18) for an all-new challenge!

With more than 10 million downloads in just a hundred days, the game has topped the charts across more than 70 countries, ranking in the top 10 games of all time, the top 5 games in the Asia Pacific and the top 25 games of the 43 countries in Europe and North America. With 101 countries globally giving it top billing, you do yourself no favours if you don't try it!!

This is a beautifully packaged, adorable Tower Defense game~~!!!
Easy to pick up for all ages and hard to put down!
Your mission is to protect the adorable carrot from monsters who want to eat it~~
The tutorial takes you from novice to expert in 5 seconds!!

Game Highlights:
*85 levels in 5 beautiful theme packs set in the sky, the jungle, the desert and the deep sea and the Extreme!
*18 Extreme Modes and hidden levels for you to discover!
*16 unique Boss Mode levels take you into time-limited minigames!
*18 unique towers like the Fishbone, Sunflower, Poopoo and Anchor Bomb towers for you to discover!
*Monsters babies drops and collection added to this adorable Tower Defense game - collect monsters and babies while defending the little carrot. There are 20 to collect!
*Newly added monster-raising system: Hatch and raise monster babies to unlock hidden levels!
*Obstacles on the map hide treasures and secret surprises. Destroy them to find treasure!
*Over 70 types of hilarious monsters like the Woowala, Pinky Ninja and Twisty Fork.
*Over 100 sound effects - each monster makes a unique noise when hit!
*Each level has just 15-25 monster waves. Beat the time and have fun!
*Supports Game Centre. Tons of achievements to be unlocked!!

What's new in Version 1.0.6
1. Deep Sea: Great Whale's Grounds contains 9 adventure levels, 9 challenge hidden levels, and 4 Boss levels for a total of 22 new challenges!
2. Five new towers make for a total of 18! The Fishbone, Anchor Bomb and Octower all have their own unique abilities for you to strategise with.
3. The Great Whale appears! It shields the creatures trying to eat your carrot - slaying it nets you a mystery prize, and a server-wide ranking! Please note: The whale can be attacked with things other than towers, for even more damage. It's up to you to find out how!
4. New Drops and Collection system. The monsters you kill have a chance to drop mysterious eggs, food for monster babies and other items. It's a surprise!
5. New Monster Nurturing system. Hatch collected eggs into cute monster babies and look after them. When they grow up, you'll get new rewards and unlock new levels!
6. New Monster Shop. Players can buy items for the care and feeding of baby monsters at the Monster Shop, and also score free items!
7. Level difficulties have been adjusted. The Snowflower Tower, Toy Aeroplane and other towers have been tweaked for balance.
8. Changed level unlock sequence. After completing the desert theme, the deep sea theme is unlocked immediately. Challenging the theme pack is now a special achievement to unlock.
9. Game Center is now supported. Tons of achievements are waiting to be unlocked!


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