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Category: News
Released: 22 Aug 2012
Published: 23 Jun 2013
Latest version: 2.0.2
Size: 3.37 MB
Seller: Cogent Consulting Pty Ltd

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Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation), iPod touch (5th generation) and iPad. Requires iOS 5.0.1 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.
Readtime is the perfect way to catch up on your Pocket™ or Readability™ reading list.

** Featured in New and Noteworthy in the US, UK, Japan and more than 50 other countries. **

"Get To 'Reading-List Zero' One Article At A Time With Readtime" — AppAdvice.com

"Got a few minutes to read something? Not sure which of your saved Read Later articles to pick? Then you need Readtime" — Cult of Mac

"A novel time-based Readability reader for iOS that’s great for killing a few minutes in queues, on public transport, etc.." — One Thing Well


Set a duration and Readtime intelligently queues up just the right number of articles to fill your available time so that you can focus on reading.

When you've finished reading an article, swipe to archive it and if there's enough time remaining, Readtime will serve up another.

Once you start using Readtime, you'll be surprised how quickly you get through that pile of articles you've been saving to read later.


* Synchronizes with Pocket™ or Readability™.
* Downloads articles so that you can read offline.
* Intelligently fills your available time with articles.
* Beautiful interface makes reading a delight.
* Remembers your article position in case you are interrupted.
* Add articles to your favourites.
* Share links via Facebook, Twitter or email.
* Add new links to your reading list for later.
* Swipe to archive an article and move on to the next.
* Choose to read only short articles, or articles of any length.
* Set the duration in 1 or 5 minute increments.
* Dictionary lookups.

Readtime works with a Pocket™ or Readability™ account, so start saving articles and get reading.
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What's new in Version 2.0.2
This a spit-and-polish release, designed to deliver your articles faster, smooth-ah and safer.

- Whereas once, synchronising with your reading list exhibited some slight dilatory indications and a tendency to cessation (crash), the future holds nothing but breakneck synergy and robustity.

- It used to be that Readtime crashed when the article you were reading was archived outside of Readtime. Not any more, babycakes.

- In days of old, there was a distinct possibility of a crash when attempting to downloading articles that haven't yet been sent to the bookmark service. Now it's ixnay on the crash-ay hombre.

- Once upon a time, error messages would flit by like a Lark in pursuit of a grasshopper. Now they're like a Lark who has just eaten a grasshopper and is thinking about an afternoon nap.

- On occasion, your bookmarking service rejects links added via the Share panel. We're totally handling that now.

- Apparently, we used to proffer a Share panel for silly things like anchor links. If indeed that was the case (which personally I doubt), it certainly ain't the case now, sweetcheeks.

- And best for last *cough* miscellaneous bug fixes.


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