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Category: Utilities
Released: 11 Nov 2012
Published: 23 Feb 2021
Latest version: 16.23
Size: 94.50 MB
Seller: Gianni Etzi

© Gianni Etzi

English, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish

10.3 or later
Zone Diet
Go to “http://www.dietazonafacile.it/index.php?lang=en” and find out the ZONE Diet Principles and how the APP works.
In 4 Languages: Italian, English, Spanish and from today also in PORTUGUESE !!
APP to create automatically Meals in ZONE according to the Barry Sears guidelines.
Use the APP to calculate your Fatty Free Mass, your Fat Mass and, of course, the Number of your Daily Blocks (watch the video http://www.dietazonafacile.it/calcolaBlocchi.php?lang=en)!
Choose the foods and set the numbers of blocks: the weight for each food is automatically set from the App (watch the video http://www.dietazonafacile.it/creaPasto.php?lang=en)!
Go in the Sharing Meals section where you can download thousands of Meals in ZONE (watch the video http://www.dietazonafacile.it/pastiCondivisi.php?lang=en)!
Make your Food Record to keep under control all your meals and the numbers of your daily blocks (watch the video http://www.dietazonafacile.it/diarioAlimentare.php?lang=en).
Use the Scan Barcode feature to add a new Food!

What's new in Version 16.23
Added feature that allows you to Include / Exclude NON-assimilable proteins
Fixed calories calculation in the Make Meal form
Fixed Calendar malfunction in Food Record form
Fixed malfunction that, in some cases, did not show the "Delete" button in the Food List and "Make Meal" form


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