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Category: Games
Released: 10 Mar 2023
Published: 19 Sep 2023
Latest version: 1.2.1
Size: 356.52 MB
Seller: Jordi Puigdellivol

© Jordi Puigdellivol

Catalan, English, German, Spanish

13.0 or later
Terminal Madness - Awakening
Deponia meets the Curse Of Monkey island.
Help Crypto, the young hacker on a mission to become the best in the game. But when he is trapped in the CyberSphere by the cunning Blackchain,
Crypto must use his skills, quick thinking and humour to outsmart the mastermind villain and save the CyberSphere from Blackchain's grasp.

Explore a captivating world and solve challenging puzzles in this exciting point and click adventure game.


· Immerse yourself in a thrilling story of a young hacker, Crypto, on a mission to become the best in the game
· Enjoy a dose of humor in every aspect of the game, from the dialogue to the character designs and plot twists.
· Face off against the villainous Blackchain, who seeks to control the CyberSphere
· Use your skills and cunning to outsmart Blackchain and save the CyberSphere from his grasp
· Experience a laugh-out-loud story and solve challenging puzzles and obstacles in this immersive point and click adventure game
· Explore a captivating world filled with outstanding illustrations
· Enjoy beautifully designed graphics and a captivating soundtrack that enhances the game experience


◆ Step into a thrilling adventure in a modern world with classic gameplay
◆ Get ready to laugh with our hilarious point & click comedy adventure
◆ Explore incredible and unique LOCATIONS that you won't find in any other game
◆ Control of multiple characters and switch between them as you unravel the mystery
◆ Discover multiple actions for every object, adding depth value to the game
◆ Solve SMART puzzles and engage in smart dialogues as you progress through the story
◆ Collect lots of inventory items and use them to solve CHALLENGES and progress through the game
◆ Experience seamless gameplay DESIGNED specifically for MOBILE DEVICES
◆ Uncover an intriguing history as you help Crypto become an elite Hacker
◆ Rock out with an epic in-game rock show that you won't want to miss!"

What's new in Version 1.2.1
Did you get stuck in the pizza restaurant? This update fixes it!!
Did the game crash when you tried to combine the worms with random things? No worries, this update fixes it as well!


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