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Category: Games
Released: 07 Aug 2023
Published: 19 Nov 2023
Latest version: 1.1.23
Size: 175.71 MB
Seller: Irina Naumova

© Irina Naumova

English, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Spanish, Chinese

12.0 or later
PC Tycoon 2 - computer creator
PC Tycoon 2 is a brand new version of PC Tycoon. In the game you have to manage your computer company and develop your PC components: processors, video cards, motherboards, RAM, disks. You can create your own laptop, monitor, or develop an operating system that you can test. You will also be able to build a PC, as in PC Creator 2 or PC building simulator. Research new technologies, improve your office and your factory, hire the best employees, invest in marketing, or save money and buy one of the computer giants!

PC Tycoon 2 gives you almost complete freedom of action. Create components for your computer from scratch by selecting the desired characteristics and design. The game has a lot of features that are not found in other games of this genre, such as PC Creator 2 or Devices Tycoon: detailed statistics of your company and products, intelligent algorithms for evaluating products and behavior of companies, a computer simulator, interactive operating systems created by the player that you can test. You can become a PC Builder. You can create a gaming, office or server PC.

PC Tycoon 2 is a company management simulator and a PC or laptop building simulator. The variety of game mechanics makes the game very exciting.

Also in the game there are:
* 3000+ technologies for research
* Challenging mode for fans of economic strategies
* Smart behavior of competitors, automatic development and release of products
* The ability to run the OS on your gaming PC
* 10 levels of office improvement with beautiful 3D models
* Many ways to invest your money, including buying companies, marketing, paid employee search

Many more new features are planned to be added in future updates, such as:
* PC Assembly
* Animations of employees in the office
* Office skins
* Many new component designs
* Season passes with exclusive rewards
* Cloud synchronization

Computer tycoon 2 is a business simulator game that is worth your attention and is a serious player among economic strategies.

You can always ask your question, suggest an idea, communicate with developers and other players and become part of the game community by logging into discord or telegram:



Have a good game!

What's new in Version 1.1.23
Thank you for playing PC Tycoon 2! Version 1.1.23 includes:
- The end of Halloween
- Development diary in the main menu
- Automatic selection of settings
- Significant optimization improvement
- Balance improvement
- Increased time to repel a hacker attack
- Minor fixes and improvements
Have a nice game!


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