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Category: Business
Released: 21 Sep 2013
Published: 25 Jan 2017
Latest version: 201701.0171
Size: 44.06 MB
Seller: kazuhiko takahashi

© kazuhiko takahashi

English, Japanese

Requires iOS 9.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
4IN is a notepad app supporting handwriting input. Files for scheduling, action, address, and notes are preinstalled in advance.
There are many notepad apps for the iPad and iPhone and they are certainly alright, but we feel they cannot really compete to the user-friendliness that comes with writing with a pen on paper. That is where 4IN comes in, being the greatest rival of paper notepads and aspiring to transcend them by setting the goal of implementing this easy-to-use feature.
Well, then - what do you think makes a paper notepad so easy to use? A lot of things will certainly come to mind, but first of all it’s the flexibility that comes with the option of writing on the margins, now isn’t it? Let’s try something: Just take out your normal notepad that you have around and turn some pages: Around the addresses and your plans, don’t you have corrections and additional information written all over it? Depending on your situation, you might even find some pages with stickers added to when you did not manage to write it down completely. Isn’t the option of adding information like that afterwards the most important feature? Just in the same way, we have implemented an option of free handwriting input. Fortunately, due to the positive evaluation of the handwriting input in our previous work “ThinkWriter”, and by combining data from schedules action and address files we have succeeded in providing a completely new way to use this.
For example, you can link an “address” to your standard address app and add some additional information by writing it by hand. “Action” does not just mean things that you have yet to do, but also encompasses details on your progress and has the value of recording it even after certain tasks have been completed. You can reorganize things you have written in your “schedule”, this is even something you cannot do with a paper notepad. You can display your daily plans or display them for monthly periods. You can take your “Notes” quickly, and even add information tags to them so you can find the necessary page later.

What's new in Version 201701.0171
Ink color selection is summarized in three categories "fountain pen ink" "Japan color" "color of painting material".
Fixed a bug that abnormally ends when Husen crosses the left edge of the screen.
We now display the current time on the schedule.

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