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Category: Photo & Video
Released: 27 Aug 2014
Published: 20 Sep 2023
Latest version: 4.9.51
Size: 246.20 MB
Seller: Raja V

© Raja V

English, French, German, Japanese, Chinese

16.0 or later
Lumy - Sun & Photography Guide
Lumy is the perfect companion for anyone who wants to be in tune with the sun.

• Perfect lighting for stunning photos? Check.
• Hiking trip around the first or last light? Done.
• Outdoor yoga or fitness session? Schedule it with ease.
• Mood-boosting sunlight walks? Yep, it's got you covered.

Whether you're chasing the golden hour for your next Insta post, or just trying to get your daily dose of vitamin D, Lumy's got your back. With Lumy, you can anticipate the best lighting conditions and plan your outdoor activities with confidence.

Plus, with weather information for the next seven days, you'll never be caught off guard by rain or clouds.

Lumy is highly customizable to suit your needs, whether you're a minimalist or a power user. You can enjoy Lumy on your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Apple TV, and HomePod, and share it with your family members with a single purchase.

• Simple, clean, and user-friendly design.
• Beautiful home screen widgets to keep you informed at a glance.
• No internet connection needed (except for weather information).
• Accurate sun tracking for any location around the world.
• Predictions for any future date.
• Custom repeatable notifications to keep you on track.
• Supports spotlight search.
• Solar compass that displays the sun's azimuth and altitude.
• Independent Apple Watch app with customizable complications.
• Apple TV support, including a stunning photo frame mode.
• Dynamic type support for all screen sizes.
• Shortcut workflows for added convenience.
• Custom app icons to match your home screen's aesthetic.
• iMessage support to share with your friends.
• HomePod compatibility with Siri shortcuts.
• Universal purchase for all your devices.
• Family Sharing support.
• Localized in Chinese, Japanese, French, and German.

At Lumy, we're dedicated to helping you make the most of your time under the sun. If you have any feedback or suggestions, we'd love to hear from you. Just send us an email at hello@waplestuff.com!


Sun Information Available - Sunrise, Sunset, First light, Last Light, Golden Hour, Blue Hour, Astronomical Twilight, Nautical Twilight, Civil Twilight, Solar noon, Solar Midnight.

Moon Information Available - Moonrise, Moonset, Altitude, Azimuth, Transit, Transit Elevation, Weekly Moon Phase, Next Full Moon, New Moon, First, and Last quarter information.

Golden hour or Magic hour refers to the period shortly after sunrise or before sunset when the lighting is soft, warm, and perfect for capturing stunning photos and videos. Capture the breathtaking beauty of golden hour with Lumy!


What's new in Version 4.9.51
Lumy 4.9.50 updates with the following features

iOS 17
- Added support for iOS 17 and watchOS 10.
- Added support for Interactive Widget - Schedule notifications for sun events directly from the home screen.
- Added support for Standby Mode* support.
- Added support for Live Activity Standby Mode* support.

iPadOS 10
- Added lock screen widget support for iPad along with interactive widget.

watchOS 10
- A fresh app redesign in align with the new watchOS 10 design language.
- Added support for Smart Stack Widget.
- Ability to pin your favorite sun event for immediate access when the app is launched.
- Apple Watch now uses WidgetKit for complications.

StandBy Mode* Experience
• Sun Event Countdown Widget, Enhance the StandBy experience with a real-time countdown to the next sun event.
• Daylight Distribution Dial Widget, Visual representation of the day's light distribution on StandBy mode.
• Moon Widget, Insights into the current moon phase, perfect for the StandBy screen.

We value your feedback and suggestions. If you have any, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at hello@waplestuff.com. And if you're enjoying Lumy, we would greatly appreciate your rating on the App Store – it truly helps us.


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