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Category: Business
Released: 11 Sep 2014
Published: 30 Oct 2019
Latest version: 2.0
Size: 46.31 MB
Seller: Thomas Dubiel

© Thomas Dubiel

English, German

11.0 or later
Crazy Inventory
You are looking for an app which supports your manual inventory? Here it is! It will reduce effort and error rate at manual inventories!

The app is kept as simple as possible:
1) Create or import an inventory!
2) Add products to this inventory or select an imported product!
3) Collect counted amounts (positive or negative) until the amount was completely counted!
4) Export the inventory report or send it as pdf-data-file, labeled with your individual company address.

■ You can create and delete inventories, products and counted amounts.
■ You can easily import the products you have to count.
■ You can search for articles within an inventory
■ You can scan items via a barcode to find them quickly in the list
■ For processing an inventory you dont need an internet connection.
■ You can also get different products at one time and you dont need to sum up.
■ You can rearrange the list of your products.
■ You can acquire storage locations and storage areas.
■ You can record the inventory date in your inventory.
■ You dont need to sum up.
■ You will always have the overview of target and actual.
■ You have a steady balance between target and actual.
■ You can import and export the inventory and its counted amounts.
■ The import and export of your inventory into your dropbox ist carrie out as an xml file.
■ You can choose, whether the export contains the counted amounts only or the product's target and actual.
■ You can export your inventory as pdf data file into your dropbox.
■ You can send your inventories as pdf data files via e-mail.
■ You can identify the items in your journal according to order and value.
■ An internet connection is only required for for import or export of data.
■ You can use Crazy Inventory on your iPad or iPhone.
■ You can rename inventories

What's new in Version 2.0
* The app has been fundamentally revised and adapted to the requirements of iOS 13 / iPadOS 13 and supports the new devices.
* Crazy Inventur finally supports multitasking and can be run parallel to other apps on the iPad.
* Now it is possible to add a Note on each article.
* Counted articles can now be hidden in the article list of an inventory. Only the uncounted articles are then visible.
* It is now possible to hide the target quantity and the price in the count list and the inventory list.
* An additional date is available for each article.
Please note that when importing a date, the value in the XML file must match your system settings (General >> Language & Region). If, for example, you have selected the languege "English", your date must be in the format "18. Aug 2018 at 18:18:00" in order to be able to be imported successfully. If you are not sure, create a test inventory with an article and set a date. Export this inventory and view the value in the XML file.

Solved Issues:
* Export of inventories and handling of special characters revised
* Furthermore a few minor and major bugs have been fixed that have accumulated over time.

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