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Category: Sports
Released: 06 Jun 2009
Published: 18 Jan 2012
Latest version: 1.0
Size: 1.68 MB
Seller: James Shadoan

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Skate or Dice
Skate or Dice... Remixed!

This is a modified version of the classic Skate or Dice game (as seen on The Berrics, in Skateboard Shops, etc.). This is created by Skaters, for Skaters... Period! Skate Apps is 100% dedicated to Skateboarding, and we've got more apps on the way!

Use it to try and learn new tricks, or play a game of SKATE with your friends. You know the rules... and don't forget you can always make up your own! We've added several different trick possibilities that will allow you to try almost everything, including Hardflips, Big Spins, Inward Heelflips, Laserflips, Etc...

Some Tips:

• Ollie+Backside+Heelflip+180 Varial= Inward Heelflip
• Switch+Frontside+Heelflip+360 Varial= Switch Laserflip
• Ollie+Frontside+Kickflip+180 Varial= Hardflip
• Fakie+Backside+Kickflip+Big Spin= Fakie Big Spin Kickflip


• Dice are auto-organized after rolling is complete
• Big Spin variations are possible
• Hardflips are possible
• Inward Heelflips are possible
• 180/360 Varial variations are possible
• Common instructions/rules are included

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