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Category: Productivity
Released: 11 Jun 2009
Published: 19 Jul 2012
Latest version: 2.8.5
Size: 6.14 MB
Seller: Hand Carved Code, LLC

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Occasions: Birthdays & More!
Effortlessly remember birthdays, anniversaries, holidays and other special events with Occasions™! (includes local or push alerts!)

Keep track of dates that are important to you and your loved ones with pop-up, sound and badge count alerts provided through local or push notifications. Decide when you want to know about an occasion coming up, and then use the in-app communication links to send your well wishes.

Sync with Contacts and Facebook to include family and friends in your Occasions list. Create custom entries, complete with photos and custom labels, for someone or something not in your contacts list, like a niece or nephew. Customize Occasions to work for you by selecting the numerous options just the way you want them. The simple and intuitive interface, sleek appearance and feature-rich design make Occasions the only event reminder you need.


• Local Notifications - Receive badge count updates and personalized alerts for your important occasions. Specify the time of day that works best for you to receive alerts. Available on iPhone 4.0 OS or higher.
• Push Notifications - Receive badge count updates and alerts for your important occasions. Specify the time of day that works best for you to receive alerts. (iPhone OS less than 4.0)
• Automatic Retrieval - Retrieves birthdays, anniversaries, and other dates from your Contacts on your iPhone or iPod touch.
• Facebook Sync & Link - Synchronize the birthdays of your Facebook friends and also link them to contact entries.
• Holidays – Select from a list of holidays from 44 countries and 6 religions.
• Remote Backup/Restore - Securely backup and restore all Occasions-specific custom entries and custom data.
• Smart Labels - Correctly categorizes and displays address book dates with the word "Birthday", "bday", "Anniversary", or "anniv" in the date label.
• Badge Count - Displays the number of upcoming occasions on the home screen icon, up to 31 days in advance.
• Communication links - Call, email, message, or see an address, right from the application.
• Add Occasion wizard - Easily add dates to new or existing contacts.
• Customizable Options - Choose the upcoming time frame, notification time, display theme, and other options.
• Custom Entries - Add, edit, and delete custom entries independent of your iPhone or iPod touch contacts, including one-time custom entries.
• Searchable List - Search your Occasions list, and even filter the list by the type of occasion.
• Tutorial - Use the in-app Quick Start Guide and Tutorial to make the most of your Occasions experience.
• Attractive Themes - 16 unique display themes to choose, including a "Standard" theme that matches the iPhone look and feel.
• Fast Load Time - Handles even large lists with a fast start up time.

For a more complete description of what Occasions can do, please visit our website.

We strive to create the highest-quality software possible so that our customers have a positive and enjoyable experience. If you would like to tell us about a problem, offer a suggestion, or send us feedback, we would love to hear from you and will make every effort to respond promptly. Email us at support@handcarvedcode.com.

If you have any questions or are experiencing issues, please visit our website at http://handcarvedcode.com/support/occasions to find answers to common questions, troubleshooting tips, and information about notifications.

Thank you and enjoy!

What's new in Version 2.8.5
If you don't see your contacts in iOS 6, please make sure to enable Contact Access in Settings > Privacy > Contacts > Occasions.

✓ iOS 6 Compatability
✓ Bug Fixes

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